Entry #4

New Game... Magic Mayhem

2008-12-05 09:52:16 by Alcho

I think firstly I should appologize for lack of updates to the website. Ive been stupidly busy with uni work and so GravityApple was put on the back burner. But now, its ready to make a come back...

I present to you, a game like no other, a game with more magic and mayhem than you could ever imagine. I give to you, Magic Mayhem!

This is where its at. A fast paced action game where your goal is to kill everything in sight using magic missiles, fire balls, meteorite storms, black holes, freezing and much more...

Unfortunately, this game is still in development. I cant give an exact release date, however it will be soon, and it will be amazing.

Visit gravityapple.com for the latest updates!

New Game... Magic Mayhem


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2008-12-05 09:56:38

Looks really cool. Can't wait to see the finished version!

Alcho responds:

Cheers, i'm hoping it will be released January. Most of the programming is done, so i'm really just working on the artwork and animations. I'm going to post up some of the monsters you will come across. So far you can see the evil bunnies!