New Game... Magic Mayhem

2008-12-05 09:52:16 by Alcho

I think firstly I should appologize for lack of updates to the website. Ive been stupidly busy with uni work and so GravityApple was put on the back burner. But now, its ready to make a come back...

I present to you, a game like no other, a game with more magic and mayhem than you could ever imagine. I give to you, Magic Mayhem!

This is where its at. A fast paced action game where your goal is to kill everything in sight using magic missiles, fire balls, meteorite storms, black holes, freezing and much more...

Unfortunately, this game is still in development. I cant give an exact release date, however it will be soon, and it will be amazing.

Visit for the latest updates!

New Game... Magic Mayhem

My newest game - prototype

2008-03-06 13:36:52 by Alcho

Hello all!

Ive been working on this game as a University project for almost a year now (on and off). Its now reached its testing phase...

Id like to open up my latest game to the smartfox, gotoandplay and newgrounds communities for testing.

(registration doesnt take long at all)

Read Before Playing!:

1) If you cannot connect it may be becuase of the following reasons:

Your port may be blocked (9339)

The server is running on my personal machine and so could be switched off

The server is full as it can only handle 20 max users

2) The controls to play are:

arrow keys : movement
space : drop bomb

3)Please review and let me know if you find any bugs

This is what will be submitted to my University, however I will be looking to expand on the game in my spare time to perhaps bring it to a commercial/public standard - if you guys enjoy it that is!

Special Thanks to Lapo and the SmartFox community for their support!



I think the best aspect of online games is the ability to add personal character customisations. Online games are much more socially based then standard offline games. What I want to know is what features really make Online games addictive and fun...

Here is my list of the key features, please add your own or give your favourite feature examples from other games:

Character appearance - clothing, items, auras, physical build, hair type and colours
Items - Rare powerful looking items visible to everyone
Furniture and being able to own your own space - (like habbo)
Levels - A good leveling system with a wide range of skill sets/abilities
Social network personalised pages such as facebook/newgrounds/myspace profile pages (not entirely game related but it would be cool to have them in game)

What else would you consider important?

Online Games - Character Customisation

New website!

2008-01-15 03:37:08 by Alcho

Hey all,

My new website has just been released, check it out at!

Aside from that I have a new game finished and ready for submission, just finishing up on the sponsorship details.